Learn about the impact of Parents Plus charity in the UK National Centre for Family Hubs, Northumberland case study

Northumberland Case Study: Working with Separated Parents  Background Family hubs offer universal and targeted support for all children and families, including those where parents have separated or are separating.  Family Solutions Group highlighted that in 2021 there were 2.3 million separated families in the UK, affecting 3.6 million children. The report What about me? A child’s right […]

Parents Plus Early Years Programme One Module Training in Core Delivery 28th May

The Core delivery of the Parents Plus Early Years programme (PPEY) is an alternative to the original delivery format of the programme. The concepts of the original programme and the written materials for parents have been adapted to become more accessible to a wider range of parents. This alternative delivery allows facilitators to run the […]

Empowering Adolescents with the Parents Plus Adolescents Programme

The Parents Plus Adolescents Programme is an evidenced-based training is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge, skills, and techniques they need to help adolescents navigate the complexities of this transitional phase of life. About the Programme Training: Adolescence, a time of significant developmental changes, can present unique challenges that require the understanding and support […]

Working Things Out in North Sommerset

The Parents Plus Working Things Out Programme provides professionals with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies to equip young people with coping skills, helpful thinking strategies, improved conflict resolution and communication skills, and reduced stress levels. This evidence-based programme builds on young people’s strengths and positive relationships with their families, peers, schools, and communities. The programme […]

The impact of Parents Plus ADHD Children’s Programme in NHS CAMHS service

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Blanaid Gavin explains that “The Parents Plus ADHD Programme is a fundamental tool to effective ADHD care. Professionals develop a greater understanding of ADHD, the real-life challenges of parents and how to most effectively use helpful solution focused therapeutic strategies to enable positive behaviours. Professionals also gain confidence from the […]

Parents Plus Early Years Programme in Falkirk

“My name is Susi Wakely and I am a Senior Educational Psychologist at Falkirk Council, Scotland. The Parents Plus Early Years programme (PPEY) is a 7-week-long course delivered by professionals. At Falkirk Council, the programme was delivered to families of children with significant additional support needs. Speaking of the programme, Senior Educational Psychologist, Susi Wakely […]

Parents Plus in Partnership with Falkirk Council

“My name is Alice Grant and I am an Additional Support Needs (ASN) Outreach Teacher. I trained to deliver the Parents Plus Early Years programme in September 2022, and then ran one group from May to June 2023. “During the programme, which ran in person for seven weeks, we were able to see significant shifts […]

Empowering Families: The Impact of the Parents Plus Children’s Programme

Parenting is a complex journey where guiding children through their early years demands a mix of love, understanding, and practical strategies. The evidence based Parents Plus Children’s Programme offers a comprehensive approach to nurturing positive family dynamics. As a facilitator of this impactful programme, professionals are equipped with the tools to empower parents to navigate […]

What does it mean to pause?

One of the core concepts in the Parents Plus programmes is ‘pressing the pause button’. When faced with challenging behaviours, parents are invited not to react and instead to take a pause instead. This pause interrupts unhelpful reactions and allows parents to take a moment so they can ‘tune in’ to their child’s needs ( […]