Our Programs Create Real And Lasting Change For Families – Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Testimonials from professionals are a powerful way for us to gain insight into the effectiveness of our programmes. These testimonials highlight the impact our professional programs have had on families and individuals, and showcase the importance of evidence-based interventions in improving mental health outcomes.

In this post, we wanted to share some of these testimonials and discuss why they are important for anyone considering using Parents Plus Programs from our suite of 8 evidenced-based interventions to support their service delivery.

When it comes to parenting and mental health programs, testimonials can be particularly valuable as they offer personal insight into the impact of our programs on professionals and the families they support. At Parents Plus, professionals from a range of backgrounds have shared their experiences using the Parents Plus programs. Our programs, which are based on extensive research and evidence, aim to support professionals to equip parents and families in building positive relationships, promoting mental health and wellbeing, and managing challenges such as anxiety, depression, and behavioural difficulties.

One testimonial from a clinical psychologist highlights the effectiveness of the Parents Plus Adolescent Program in supporting young people with mental health difficulties. The psychologist notes that the program provides “practical strategies and techniques” for parents and caregivers to help manage their child’s behaviour and emotions. They also note that the program helps families to “reconnect and communicate better”, ultimately leading to improvements in the young person’s mental health.

Another testimonial from a school guidance counselor highlights the impact of the Parents Plus Early Years Program (PPEY) on families experiencing social and emotional difficulties. The counselor notes that the program has helped parents to develop “more positive, nurturing relationships” with their children, leading to improvements in the children’s behavior and social skills.

As a leading provider of evidence-based parenting and mental health programs in Ireland and the UK, many professionals have shared their experiences using the Parents Plus programs.

Here are some of the real accounts of the impact our professional programs have on services –

Parents Plus gave me a strong structure, with tried-and-tested content, to feel confident in facilitating the Children’s Programme. Parents Plus challenges parents in a positive way, with parents less stressed and more relaxed with their families after doing the course – Marian Clarke, Family. Support Worker

We had a waiting list of more than six months for young people waiting for counselling. We had numerous anxious parents looking for support. Since running the Working Things Out Programme and Adolescent Programme we have supported numerous families through the challenges faced in adolescents – Niamh Kelly, Adolescent Health Project.

We see the evidence…
The Parent Plus Early Years Programme has proven to be very successful for the parents we work with and is now a valuable and regular part of our multi-disciplinary team work –
Kathleen O’Hara, Early Intervention.

The Parents Plus approach to solving family problems is a well-established model. Due to the proven efficacy of the Parents Plus Adolescents Programme in improving outcomes for parents, carers, children and young people, Bristol City Council has committed to funding facilitator training for 8 years – Deborah Davis, Parenting Supervisor, Families in Focus, Bristol, UK.

We know how important group work is! Supporting parents within a group setting will give you some fantastic results with this programme – Lisa Whitlock, Lead Coordinator of Parent Support Team Gloucester, UK.

The Healthy Families Programme is relevant to all areas of modern family life. The issues that parents look for most support with include routines, screen time, mealtimes and establishing good sleep patterns for their kids. The Healthy Families Programme answers all of these concerns and gives parents the tools to address these issues positively – Brona Murphy, Transitions Development Worker.

We chose to commission Parents Plus in our organisation as they are Irish based and provide good support and supervision. Since training in Parents Plus I can now give parents the support and confidence to be the best parents they can be – Lulu O’ Kelly, Senior Support and Development Worker.

For anyone considering using the Parents Plus programs, these testimonials can be a valuable resource. They provide a glimpse into the experiences of professionals who have used these programs in their service delivery and can help to inform decisions about whether these programs are right for you and your team.

In conclusion, testimonials from professionals are a powerful way to gain insight into the impact of parenting and mental health programs. At Parents Plus, professionals have shared their experiences using the Parents Plus programs, highlighting the effectiveness of these evidence-based interventions in improving mental health outcomes. By considering these testimonials, professionals can make informed decisions about whether these programs sound right for them.

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