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The Benefits of Training in the Working Things Out Programme

The Benefits of Training in the Working Things Out Programme

As a professional working with adolescents, The Working Things Out Programme is a comprehensive training programme which will give you the knowledge and tools to support teenagers experiencing social, emotional and behavioural challenges.

This programme provides you with effective interventions and strategies to enhance emotional regulation, problem-solving skills, communication techniques, and resilience, as well as fostering positive decision-making and healthy relationships.

For professionals working with teenagers and/or their families, having this knowledge is invaluable.

In the Parents Plus Working Things Out Programme you will learn how to empower teenagers to improve communication with their parents.  Indeed, teenagers are as eager to learn how to get on with their parents just as much as parents are keen to get on with them.

Below, we will explore some of the benefits that professionals can gain from training in the Parents Plus Working Things Out Programme.

Comprehensive Understanding of Conflict Resolution:

The Working Things Out Programme provides professionals with a comprehensive understanding of conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques. Participants will learn evidence-based strategies and practical tools to help children, young people, and families effectively manage and resolve conflicts. The training covers topics such as active listening, assertiveness, negotiation, empathy, and understanding different perspectives. By developing a deep understanding of conflict dynamics, professionals can guide individuals towards constructive resolutions and improved relationships.

Skill Development for Effective Communication:

Effective communication is at the heart of resolving conflicts and building strong relationships. Through the Working Things Out Programme, professionals gain valuable skills in communication and dialogue facilitation. They learn how to foster open and respectful communication, encourage active listening, and facilitate constructive conversations. These skills enable professionals to support children, young people, and families in expressing their needs, understanding others’ viewpoints, and finding mutually beneficial solutions.

Empowering Problem-Solving Abilities:

Problem-solving is a vital life skill that contributes to personal growth and success. The Working Things Out Programme equips professionals with a range of problem-solving techniques and strategies. Professionals learn how to guide individuals through the problem-solving process, helping them identify and evaluate options, make informed decisions, and implement effective solutions. By empowering individuals with problem-solving abilities, professionals enhance their overall resilience, adaptability, and confidence.

Strengthened Family and Peer Relationships:

Conflict within families and among peers can significantly impact a person’s well-being and development. By training in the Working Things Out Programme, professionals gain insights into family dynamics and peer relationships. They learn how to identify and address underlying issues, diffuse tension, and promote healthy communication patterns. Through their newly acquired skills, professionals can empower families and young people to foster harmonious relationships, leading to improved emotional well-being and social functioning.

Ongoing Support and Networking:

Parents Plus ensures that professionals who complete the Working Things Out Programme have access to ongoing support and resources. Graduates become part of a professional network where they can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and continue their learning journey. They also gain access to a range of resources, including additional training materials, research articles, and intervention tools, ensuring their knowledge remains up-to-date and relevant.

The next Parents Plus Working Things Out Programme training is on the 9th, 10th & 12th April 2024 (9.15am-1.30pm) and will take place online, via Zoom

If you would like to train in one of our programmes, learn about our group discounts or discover how we can support you to improve outcomes for children, adolescents and families, please contact our Impact Lead, Vicki Byrne, 

We also deliver onsite training and supervision of teams (15 or more), and/or tailored support in the roll-out and evaluation of our programmes to ensure effective community-wide delivery.