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Unlocking CPD Benefits With Parents Plus

Unlocking CPD Benefits With Parents Plus

In today’s fast-evolving healthcare landscape, continuous professional development (CPD) remains the cornerstone for healthcare professionals eager to keep their knowledge updated, and services impactful.

Parents Plus, cognizant of the pivotal role CPD plays, is delighted to offer a FREE online seminar, Improving Outcomes for Children with ADHD by Empowering Parents.

In this update we will explore why our FREE online seminar stands out as a CPD opportunity and goes beyond its enlightening content on empowering parents for better ADHD outcomes.

Who is this Seminar for?
The FREE seminar is suitable for a range of professionals, including:

  •  Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Teams
  • Primary Care Teams
  • GPs
  • Family Support Services
  • Early Intervention and Prevention Teams
  • Teachers
  • ADHD charities
  • Child Protection Teams  

Why Attend the Parents Plus Seminar?

  1. Evidence-Based Insights: The seminar is poised to bring forth insights rooted in real-world case studies, experiences, and research.
  2. Diverse Perspectives: Learn directly from professionals, including Dr. Blánaid Gavin and Professor John Sharry, providing a rounded, holistic understanding of the subject.
  3. Interactive Learning: Engage in discussions, Q&A sessions, and network with peers.

What is the purpose of CPD for healthcare professionals?

CPD serves as an educational process, facilitating professionals in maintaining and enhancing their knowledge, skills, and abilities. It’s a commitment to lifelong learning – professionals who make this commitment for their service users are ensuring that they receive the highest quality care informed by the latest research, techniques, and methodologies.

What is the importance and benefits of CPD?

  1. Knowledge & Skill Augmentation: CPD allows professionals to fill gaps in their expertise, ensuring they remain effective, competent, and meet both short and long-term career goals.
  2. Staying Updated: Healthcare is an ever-evolving field. CPD ensures that professionals are not just updated but are at the forefront of these changes.
  3. Increased Confidence: Regular CPD ensures healthcare professionals have the utmost confidence in their skills and knowledge, promoting a higher degree of patient trust.
  4. Professional Network Expansion: CPD often presents opportunities for professionals to connect with peers and experts, expanding their professional network and opening doors to collaborations, partnerships, and referrals.

What are the benefits of CPD for you, service users, and your service?

  • For You: Beyond skill and knowledge augmentation, CPD empowers professionals with a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and motivation in their roles. It can also serve as a roadmap for career advancement and specialization.
  • Service User: Professionals working with families and children who are committed to CPD give their service users access to the most recent and effective interventions, treatments, and care. It ensures safety, efficacy, and can lead to better health outcomes.
  • For the Service: Organizations that prioritize CPD find themselves better equipped to adapt to industry changes, ensure patient satisfaction, and maintain a reputation for excellence in care delivery.

How can I integrate this FREE CPD opportunity into my professional journey?

  • You can register to attend our online seminar ‘Improving Outcomes for Children with ADHD by Empowering Parents here.
  • You can Click here to add the seminar details to your calendar.
  • You can recognise the potential for professional growth and share with peers who’d value this opportunity.

Parents Plus is a charity that builds the capacity of services to improve outcomes for families by training and supervising professionals in our eight flagship evidence-based parenting and mental health programmes.

If you’re interested in discussing training and supervision for your team, securing discounts for bookings of six or more people, or learning our tailored support in the roll-out and evaluation of the programmes to ensure effective community-wide delivery, please reach out.

Contact our Impact Lead, Vicki Byrne, at or phone 085-8705772.