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Empowering Change: The Real-World Impact of Parents Plus Programmes

Empowering Change: The Real-World Impact of Parents Plus Programmes

At Parents Plus, our mission extends beyond developing evidence-based programmes—we are dedicated to witnessing these programmes flourish in diverse settings, directly impacting families, educators, and community support workers. 

Across the UK and Ireland, our programmes are making significant inroads into communities, guided by the hands of committed professionals. Here, we explore a series of case studies that highlight the transformative effects of our initiatives in various regions.

Regional Collaboration in North-East England

A significant regional collaboration in the North-East of England—encompassing Northumberland, South Tyneside, Newcastle, and Gateshead—has adopted the Parenting When Separated programme. This initiative is integrated through Early Help and Family Hubs, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to supporting families during separation. The collaborative nature of this rollout underscores the scalability of Parents Plus programmes, adapting to regional needs while fostering a community of practice among professionals.

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North Somerset’s Family Support Success

In North Somerset, Leanne Pugh, a dedicated Family Support Worker, has been implementing the Parents Plus Working Things Out Programme with great success. This programme has been crucial in helping families develop effective communication and problem-solving skills, which are vital in navigating the complexities of adolescent development. Through her efforts, families report improved relationships and better conflict resolution, showcasing the programme’s effectiveness in real-world settings.

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Early Years Education in Falkirk, Scotland

Further north, in Falkirk, Scotland, Susi Wakely, a Senior Educational Psychologist, has rolled out the Parents Plus Early Years Programme. Her work focuses on equipping parents with skills to support their children’s early development. The programme’s success in Falkirk highlights its adaptability and efficacy, helping parents enhance nurturing environments that promote early learning and development.

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Supporting Additional Needs in Scotland

Also in Scotland, Alice Grant, an Additional Support Needs (ASN) Outreach Teacher, delivers the Parents Plus Early Years Programme to families with special needs. Alice’s work emphasises tailored support, ensuring that the programme effectively addresses the unique challenges faced by these families, fostering significant developmental progress in children with additional needs.

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Parenting When Separated in Hertfordshire

In Hertfordshire, England, Nicola Wilder from the Council’s Development and Commissioning Office has been instrumental in the rollout of the Parents Plus Parenting When Separated Programme. Funded by the Department of Work and Pensions Reducing Parental Conflict programme, this initiative is part of a broader effort to reduce parental conflict. Nicola’s leadership in this project is a prime example of how structured support can aid families in navigating the emotional challenges of separation, providing parents with the tools to maintain a supportive environment for their children.

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The Real World Impact

These case studies illustrates the real world impact of the Parents Plus programmes across different regions and settings. Each story is a testament to the dedication of professionals who deliver these programmes and the resilience of families who embrace them. At Parents Plus, we are proud to support this network of change-makers and continue to innovate and expand our reach to meet the evolving needs of families and communities. As we move forward, we remain committed to empowering professionals and improving the well-being of children and families through evidence-based, practical solutions.

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Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of children and families.